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Multi-Engine Commercial Upgrade: (3 to 5 hours, depending on currency), 2 days, billed at $155.00/hour flight and $100.00 for briefings, ground school and oral prep. If you hold a single engine commercial certificate with private privileges, multi-engine, this training will prepare you for the commercial pilot, airplane multi-engine add on rating flight test.


The VFR multi engine commercial upgrade training will consist of all the maneuvers and tasks that are required for the private pilot multi engine rating: Steep turns, stalls, slow flight, Vmc demonstration, emergency descent, engine out emergency procedures (enroute and in the traffic pattern), engine feathering and restart, normal and crosswind take-offs and landings, aborted take-offs and simulated single engine landings. The only difference between a private pilot and a commercial pilot multi engine add on rating flight test are the tolerances. The practical test will include a complete multi engine oral exam, and you will also receive the complete multi engine ground school and oral prep.


Removal of Multi Engine VFR Only Restriction: (2 to 6 hours, depending on instrument experience and proficiency), 1 to 2 days, billed at $ 155.00/hour flight and $ 30.00/hour ground instruction. If you hold a private or commercial certificate with instrument and multi-engine  ratings and a "Multi-Engine VFR Only" restriction, this training will prepare you for the "Remove Multi Engine VFR Restriction" flight test. The flight test will consist of engine out procedures under the hood and one simulated engine out instrument approach. There is no oral exam. Ground school and briefings will be about 2 hours and consist of familiarization with the Apache, its avionics, and the procedures to be flown.


If you are experienced in IFR procedures in complex singles, it will usually take about 2 hours of flight time. We will cover engine out procedures under the hood, one twin engine ILS , 3 engine out ILS and 3 engine out VOR approaches. If you have no complex single engine IFR experience, it will typically require about 4 hours to prepare you for the flight test. If you are not IFR proficient it may take considerably more instrument training in the Apache. If necessary we can also use the ATC-610 flight training device to refresh some basic instrument skills and also familiarize you with complex airplane instrument procedures and procedural drills.


Multi-Engine and Instrument Refresher Training or BFR: Custom tailored to your specific requirements, using the Apache, and the ATC-610 flight training device if desired, billed at $155.00/hour flight and $ 30.00/hour ground instruction.


Weather Requirements: The FAA requires most multi engine airwork maneuvers to be completed no lower than 3000 feet AGL. Therefore ceilings below 4000 feet can cause weather delays. Multi engine instrument training consists primarily of emergency procedures. It is safer to conduct this training under simulated instrument conditions (under the hood), which requires ceilings of about 2500 feet. Occasionally strong winds or turbulence may also make meaningful training difficult. While it may be possible to fly under such conditions, it can be very challenging and usually also requires more flight time to master the required tasks, which will increase the total cost. It is best if your schedule allows you to stay longer in the event of weather delays.


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