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Airline Transport Pilot (with knowledge exam passed): 8.0 hours PA23-160 Apache dual, 2 to 3 days, $1495.00, includes oral exam prep and airplane for flight test. Examiner's fee additional.


The ATP training program described below has worked well for over 90% of our customers who are current and active pilots. This program is not guaranteed; it is based on average aptitude and a large amount of self study. If you should require additional instruction, that training time will be charged at the applicable hourly rates. If you are able to complete your training ahead of schedule, your cost will be reduced accordingly.


The flight time required for the ATP varies widely depending on the applicant's IFR competency. Completing the course in 8.0 hours requires that the applicant would be able to pass a thorough IFR competency check or military equivalent prior to beginning the ATP training. If you are a current instrument instructor, current to IFR in multi engine airplanes under FAR 135, or are an active US military pilot in multi engine airplanes you should be able to complete the training in 8.0 hours.

If you meet just the bare currency requirements of 6 approaches within the last 6 months you will require additional training. If you are rusty on instrument procedures and uncomfortable in the American IFR system it may take quite a bit more time. If you are a current US military aviator not familiar with civilian general aviation procedures you should allow 3 days so you have time to watch some helpful tapes in our video library. If you are a foreign pilot without prior experience in the American ATC system you should plan on about 10 to 12 hours of flight training. American ATC does not follow ICAO phraseology and controllers frequently speak extremely fast. If you feel that some additional training may be necessary, please allow additional time and let us know  when you schedule your training.


Any flight training in excess of the 8.0 hours included in the basic package will be billed at $155.00 per hour.


ATP Flight Test: It will consist of a twin engine ILS to a missed approach, an engine out ILS to a landing, two non precision approaches (VOR,  VOR-DME, NDB or LOC-BC), either twin engine or engine out (one of them a circle to land). The approaches may be radar vectored or own navigation (full procedure), and familiarity with procedure turns is required. Also required are holding patterns (possibly in strong wind conditions), area departure and area arrival (possibly a DME arc), as well as engine out procedures, steep turns and imminent stalls solely by instrument reference. An actual engine shut down and restart (in visual conditions) is also required. 


Important Note: Please be sure that you bring all of your logbooks or flight records. You will have to prove your total flight experience, as well as PIC time, cross country and instrument time to the pilot examiner before you are permitted to take the ATP flight test. If you bring only your most recent logbook, it may not show the required total flight experience.

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